Ted Karkus

Chairman & CEO

Mr. Karkus is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ProPhase Labs, Inc. As CEO, he directly manages and oversees corporate strategy, product development, sales and marketing, and R&D. Mr. Karkus has long focused his career on investing, management consulting and managing emerging growth companies. He started his career on Wall Street working for a variety of investment banks. Mr. Karkus financed and advised ID Biomedical, a biotech/vaccine company, when it was valued at approximately $25 million and near bankruptcy. He successfully persuaded the board of directors into making difficult but necessary changes to management, including the replacement of the CEO, and helped to redirect their strategic focus. Seven years later, the company was sold to GlaxoSmithKline for more than $1.4 billion. While advising ID Biomedical, he began a similar decade-long engagement with ProPhase Labs. After years of declining revenues, increasing losses and questionable management activities, the Company’s direction was in dire need of change -- and the shareholders’ interests in need of protection. Mr. Karkus initiated a highly risky but successful proxy contest in 2009 that led to his position as CEO. After inheriting a severely declining brand portfolio, he restructured the go to market strategy for the flagship Cold-EEZE brand and grew revenues significantly. The net result: in 2017, ProPhase Labs sold the Cold-EEZE brand for $50 million to Mylan, a multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical company. Mr. Karkus graduated Tufts University with a BS in Psychology and Magna Cum Laude Honors in 1981 and Columbia University School of Business with an MBA in Finance and Beta Gamma Sigma Honors in 1984.

Monica Brady

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Brady has over 15 years of experience with two public companies. She currently serves as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer at the Company since January 2019 and previously served as its Chief Accounting Officer from September 2017 to January 2019 and Director of Finance from October 2009 through September 2017. Prior to joining the Company, Ms. Brady served as senior accountant at iDNA Inc. from June 2003 through September 2009 which focused on corporate communications. Ms. Brady is a registered CPA in the state of New York.

Sergio Miralles

Chief Information Officer, ProPhase Diagnostics

Sergio Miralles is an experienced IT Leader, with over 12 years of experience in enterprise level Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, and Architecture. At ProPhase Diagnostics, Sergio will be responsible for ensuring a complete end-to-end technology solution that links its lab customers’ patient data via interface to efficiently process and report results. Previously, Miralles founded and led a successful IT consulting firm overseeing 18 IT consultants. For the last 5 years, his primary focus has been on the medical, lab, and diagnostics business. Sergio holds several certifications from Cisco, ISC2, and CompTIA.