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Commitments and Contingencies

Commitments and Contingencies
9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2017
Commitments and Contingencies Disclosure [Abstract]  
Commitments and Contingencies

Note 8– Commitments and Contingencies


Escrow Receivable


We have indemnification obligations to Mylan under the Asset Purchase Agreement that may require us to make future payments to Mylan and other related persons for any damages incurred by Mylan or such related persons as a result of any breaches of our representations, warranties, covenants or agreements contained in the Asset Purchase Agreement, or arising from the Retained Liabilities (as such term is defined in the Asset Purchase Agreement) or certain third party claims specified in the Asset Purchase Agreement. Generally, our representations and warranties survive for a period of 24 months from the closing date, other than certain fundamental representations which survive until the expiration of the applicable statute of limitations. There is a limited indemnification cap with respect to a majority of the Company’s indemnification obligations under the Asset Purchase Agreement with the exception of claims for actual fraud, the breach of any fundamental representations and certain other items, which have a larger indemnification cap (e.g., the purchase price).


Pursuant to the terms of the Asset Purchase Agreement, we, Mylan, and an escrow agent entered into an Escrow Agreement at closing, pursuant to which Mylan deposited $5 million of the aggregate purchase price for the Cold-EEZE®Business into an escrow account established with the Escrow Agent in order to satisfy, in whole or in part, certain of our indemnity obligations under the Asset Purchase Agreement. If, on the 18th month anniversary of the closing date, there are funds remaining in the escrow account, then the escrow account will be reduced by the difference, if a positive number, of (i) $2.5 million minus (ii) the aggregate amount of all escrow claims asserted by Mylan prior to this date that have either been paid out of the escrow account or are pending as of such date, and, within two business days of such date, the Escrow Agent will disburse such difference, if a positive number, to us. Within two business days of the second anniversary of the closing date, the Escrow Agent will release any funds remaining in the escrow account to us minus any amounts being reserved for escrow claims asserted by Mylan prior to such date. Upon the resolution of any pending escrow claims, the Escrow Agent will, within two business days of receipt of joint instructions or a final order from a court (as described in the Escrow Agreement) disburse such reserved amount to the parties entitled to such funds.


Management does not believe that we will be subject to indemnity claims contemplated by the Asset Purchase Agreement. However, in the event that such a claim is made, and if successful, we would be required to pay Mylan pursuant to the indemnification provisions of the Asset Purchase Agreement which may reduce the amount we ultimately collect from escrow or could even require us to return a portion of the net proceeds received from the sale of the Cold-EEZE® Division.


Manufacturing Agreement


In connection with the Asset Purchase Agreement, the Company and its wholly-owned subsidiary, PMI, entered into a Manufacturing Agreement (the “Manufacturing Agreement”) with Mylan. Pursuant to the terms of the Manufacturing Agreement, Mylan (or an affiliate or designee) will purchase the inventory of the Company’s Cold-EEZE® brand and product line and PMI will manufacture certain products for Mylan, as described in the Manufacturing Agreement, at prices that reflect current market conditions for such products and include an agreed upon mark-up on our costs. Unless terminated sooner by the parties, the Manufacturing Agreement will remain in effect until March 29, 2022. Thereafter, the Manufacturing Agreement may be renewed by Mylan for up to five successive one year periods by providing notice of its intent to renew not less than 90 days prior to the expiration of the then-current term.


Transition Services Agreement


In connection with the Asset Purchase Agreement, we entered into a transition services agreement with Mylan to provide litigation support, insurance coverage, supply chain, customer support, finance, accounting, commercial advertising and packaging services, quality control, IT and research and development services to Mylan for time periods ranging from two to nine months from the closing date. We will continue to incur certain operating costs during the transition period to support Mylan.


Future Obligations:


We have estimated future minimum obligations over the next five years, including the remainder of Fiscal 2017, as follows (in thousands):


Fiscal Year   Employment
2017     169  
2018     675  
2019     169  
2020     -  
2021     -  
Total   $ 1,013  


Other Commitments:


On September 27, 2017, we entered into an Employment Agreement Termination and Release Agreement with Robert V. Cuddihy, Jr., our former Chief Financial Officer (the “Termination Agreement”). The Termination Agreement provides that Mr. Cuddihy’s employment agreement will terminate effective September 30, 2017, and that on the expiration of the seven day revocation period from the date Mr. Cuddihy signs the Termination Agreement, and subject to his not having revoked the Termination Agreement prior to that time, we would pay Mr. Cuddihy a one-time lump sum payment of $55,000 by October 15, 2017. The Termination Agreement contains a general release of claims in favor of us and other customary provisions. The one-time payment to Mr. Cuddihy was paid on October 20, 2017.