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Investment in Phusion Laboratories, LLC.

Investment in Phusion Laboratories, LLC.
9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2012
Investments In and Advances To Affiliates, Schedule Of Investments [Abstract]  
Investments in and Advances to Affiliates, Schedule of Investments [Text Block]

Note 3 – Investment in Phusion Laboratories, LLC.


Our Joint Venture was formed to develop and commercialize for worldwide distribution and sale, a wide range of non-prescription remedies using PSI Parent’s proprietary patented TPM. Pursuant to a License Agreement, dated March 22, 2010, as amended (the “Amended License Agreement”), with PSI Parent, our Joint Venture obtained, (i) an exclusive, royalty-free, world-wide (subject to certain limitations), paid-up license to exploit OTC drugs and certain other products that embody certain of PSI Parent’s TPM-related patents and related know-how (collectively, the “PSI Technology”) and (ii) a non-exclusive, royalty-free, world-wide (subject to certain limitations), paid-up license to exploit certain compounds that embody the PSI Technology for use in a product combining one or more of such compounds with an OTC drug or in a product that is part of a regimen that includes the application of an OTC drug. Pursuant to the Original License Agreement, we issued 1,440,000 shares of our Common Stock having an aggregate value of approximately $2.6 million to PSI Parent and made a one-time payment to PSI Parent of $1.0 million. In September 2011, PSI Parent sold, with our consent, an aggregate of 750,000 shares of our Common Stock to various third parties.  Contemporaneously, we entered into a redemption agreement with PSI Parent. Under the terms of the redemption agreement, we redeemed 690,000 shares of our Common Stock held by PSI Parent for the aggregate redemption price of $448,500 in cash.  The redemption price was equal to $0.65 per share and the 690,000 shares were added to our treasury stock.


Pursuant to the LLC Agreement, PSI Parent will conduct and oversee much of the product development, formulation, testing and other research and development needed by the Joint Venture, and we will oversee much of the production, distribution, sales and marketing. The LLC Agreement provides that each member may be required, from time to time and subject to certain limitations, to make capital contributions to the Joint Venture to fund its operations, in accordance with agreed upon budgets for products to be developed. Specifically, we are committed to fund up to $2.0 million, subject to agreed upon budgets (which have not been established to date), toward the initial development and marketing costs of new products for the Joint Venture. The Joint Venture has not engaged in any financial transactions, other than organizational expenses and general market and product analysis. At September 30, 2012, cash and equivalents includes $388,000 which is expected to be used by the Joint Venture to fund future product development initiatives currently under consideration by PSI Parent, PSI and us.


The $3.6 million payment made in March 2010 represents the estimated fair value to acquire the product license and is recorded as an intangible asset. We currently estimate the expected useful life of the product license to be approximately 10 years which we will begin amortizing the cost of intangible asset once product commercialization is completed with PSI Parent and the OTC drug products begin to ship to our retail customers.


The product development effort of the Joint Venture is a multi-stage process that includes (i) market analysis and research, (ii) product formulation research and development, (iii) product evaluation, (iv) product commercialization, (v) production and distribution, and (vi) retail and consumer advertising and marketing. During Fiscal 2011, we conducted preliminary market analysis to identify market opportunities to develop differentiated, science-based, efficacious products that deliver results to consumers and worked with PSI and PSI Parent to provide initial formulations for certain identified OTC active ingredients. In December 2011, we initiated a study of these preliminary formulations to evaluate product attributes, performance and potential commercial viability. These studies are expected to be completed later in Fiscal 2012. For Fiscal 2011 and through September 30, 2012, expenses, including organizational, marketing analysis and preliminary formulations have been absorbed by the respective Joint Venture members. As of September 30, 2012, we have not established a formal commercialization program timeline, pending the results of the recently initiated studies, for any specific OTC product covered under the product license but we do not project that any such OTC products will be available for shipment within the next twelve months.